UEAAA Mentoring Program

As an alum, parent or friend of the University, you have the opportunity to mentor and lead an African-American University of Evansville student. Our goal is to directly connect incoming freshmen with alumni and friends of the University of Evansville, in order to establish emotional support, and guidance.

UEAAA Mission

The Mission of the University of Evansville African American Alumni Association (UEAAA) is to maintain a close relationship among alumni, document the UE African American tradition and pass it on to students, and to maintain a close and nurturing connection with UE African American students by providing financial assistance, emotional support, and guidance.

The true benefit and impact of mentoring is often seen not in achieving goals and objectives, but in the personal exchange between the mentor and mentee. Successful mentoring creates real relationships and the opportunity for positive behavioral changes – an outcome that is especially beneficial for UE if we are committed to promoting diversity for students of color. I believe that these things are important the first year.

Objectives of the Program

  1. This exchange will help impact those intangibles that are so critical to personal success at UE – self-confidence, communication skills, and realistic self-assessment.
  2. This exchange is focused on building a real and safe relationship with boundaries that are negotiated by both parties.
  3. This exchange will help to create a safe environment where both individuals feel safe enough to honestly address the tough topics related to diversity– the obstacles, fears, prejudices, challenges, misconceptions, etc.


A good mentor focuses on the mentee’s total development by:

  • Coaching the mentee
  • Teaching specific life skills (i.e., professional tidbits, financial literacy, cooking tips)
  • Sharing resources and network contacts
  • Challenging the mentee
  • Creating a safe learning environment

UEAAA Mentoring Guidelines

  1. During the UEAAA Welcome Reception, held in August each year, students will meet their mentors and discuss goals and expectations. Activities and the level of involvement in this program will be mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  2. Students and mentors must sign a Mentorship Agreement. The Offices of Alumni and Engagement and Career Services and Cooperative Education will host on-campus luncheons to provide networking opportunities.
  3. After the program concludes, students and mentors will be asked to provide their feedback about their mentoring experience through an electronic survey.

Program Timeline

Submit your UEAAA Mentor Interest Form online any time throughout the year. Student - Alumni mentor partners will be assigned in mid August by the Office of Alumni and Engagement and the Office of University Advancement. During the UEAAA Welcome Reception, students will be introduced to their mentors. Between September and March students and their mentors will have the opportunity to meet as they wish and also participate in the speaker series luncheons.

Sign Up Today!

If you are interested in becoming a UE mentor, please sign up today by completing the UEAAA Mentor Interest Form online, or contact us via email at alumni@nusantara-online.com.

Inspire a UE student today by becoming a UEAAA mentor!

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