Non-Degree Special Students

Special Students are defined by the University of Evansville as those who wish to take courses but who do not intend to work toward a degree at the University of Evansville. Courses may be taken for credit or audited. However, audited courses may not be converted to credit at a later date. The following types of students qualify as special students:

  • Visiting Transient Students
    Students from other colleges and universities who wish to take courses at UE but plan to graduate from their “home” institution.
  • College Graduate Students
    Students who have a college degree but need additional undergraduate credit to earn special licensing or to prepare for graduate school admission.
  • Non-traditional Students
    Non-degree-seeking students who wish to take courses for personal enrichment or college credit.

Under special student status, you are not admitted to the University but are granted permission to earn up to 24 credit hours, after which you may choose to apply for admission as a degree-seeking student or to one of the University's continuing education programs. Applications for undergraduate admission or continuing education programs must be completed separately should you decide to continue your course work at the University of Evansville. To learn more about the nontraditional degree programs offered by the Center for the Advancement of Learning, please contact the Center at 812-488-2981 or

Please Note: If you have been denied admission as a degree-seeking student, you are not eligible to be a special student.

Financial Aid

Financial aid (including scholarships, grants, loans, and veteran's benefits) is not available to special students. Only students admitted to the University in a degree seeking program are eligible for financial aid.

Application and Registration Procedure

  • Search for courses
  • After selecting your courses, fill out the appropriate special student application below.
  • Once your form is submitted, the Office of the Registrar will contact you in 2-3 business days regarding tuition, fees, and payment information.
  • When payment is confirmed, the Office of the Registrar will contact you again with a course registration date and any other schedule information.
    • Special students may be registered after priority registration has ended
    • Submission of your application does not guarantee a place in the course
    • Closed courses will require instructor consent before registration is allowed

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